Quantitative Research

How QT works

  • 700 Interviewers Throughout Italy
  • 4 Nielsen Areas Fieldwork Coverage
  • Supervisors In All Major Italian Cities
  • Network Of International Partners
  • Questionnaire On Digital Format Based On Our Own Platform To Gather Final Data In A Faster Timeframe
  • Respondents' Database Constantly Updated And Monitored
  • Quality Control: At Least 40% Out Of Total Sample
  • Final Data In Every Programme Such SPSS, Desktop
  • Report, Ascii, Excel, JMP

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  • CLT - Central Location Test
  • Cawi Interviews
  • Habits & Practice
  • Face To Face Interviews
  • Product Placement Test
  • Online Surveys
  • Shop Along
  • Wash Along
  • Interviews With Apps

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High Quality

Flexibility & Rapidity

Research tailored to client's needs

Problem Solving


Updated Skills

Knowledge of Consumer and Client language