Qualitative Research

How QL works

FOCUS is experienced in creative, projective and enabling techniques, and in their innovative aspects. 

  • Focus Groups
  • Online Focus Groups
  • In Depth Interviews
  • Paired/Triads
  • Creative Brainstormings
  • In Home Visits
  • Ethnographics
  • Blog Surveys

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Tao Collage

(AQR PROSPER RILEY-SMITH AWARD 2002): to “read” the world of a product, a communication, a brand through an own FOCUS tool.


Analysis of sign systems, to explore the conjoint of a both verbal and visual experience.


To gather true insights; I.E. Zaltman Method, based on verbal and visual metaphors.


Synaesthesia, a cross-sensorial experience to stimulate insights; NPL, PNEI.


To build a product’s/brand’s image I.E. R.E.D. (awake dreaming); MIND-MAPPING.


Direct observation indoor or outdoor – P.O.S., BUS, UNDERGROUND, etc. – With film or candid camera; individual or collective interviews/diares.

Marketing Creative Brainstorming

Moderating a team of clients to reposition insights; interaction of clients’ and/or technicians with the Focus Group’s respondents, to build together the final result.

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